Marie Ellena Bullano: Age Siblings, Parents

Marie Ellena Bullano

Marie Ellena Bullano is not a familiar face and may not ring a bell, but you might have heard of Leslie Sansone. Sansone is an American fitness instructor who has released over a hundred DVDs and four books about exercise. She mainly focuses on low-impact walking exercises, which fans say are bearable and effective. Her business has boomed over the years and is worth $200 million. Though the Walk at Home label is still operating, Sansone has not released new videos or been spotted on social media. Fans are left with unanswered questions about her whereabouts and what is the fate of her business.

Please keep reading to learn more about Marie and how her mother started her business.

Marie Ellena Bullano Bio

Marie Elena Bullano likes to keep her details private, and little is known about her age and birthday. She is the daughter of Leslie Sanone, creator of Walk at Home, a leading producer of fitness walking content. Marie has a brother named Andrew Bullano, who keeps under the radar like his sister. The father of Sanone’s children is Joseph Bullano.

Marie Ellena Bullano Career

According to the Walk at Home website, Marie Bullano is the company’s Vice President. She is also the

mastermind behind the Walk Productions Scholarship Project, a partnership between Walk at Home and the Lawrence County YMCA. Marie serves to mentor the young students enrolled in the project about leadership.

Marie Ellena Bullano Parents

Marie’s parents are Joseph Bullano and Leslie Sansone, who have been married since 26 August 1994. Bullano is very private, and despite his wife being a worldwide sensation, there are no detailed facts about his whereabouts or his career life.

His wife was born in New Castle, Pennsylvania, USA, on 14 February 1961. Sansone is a writer and producer, known for Walk at Home by Leslie Sansone, Walk Away the Pounds with Leslie Sansone: High Calorie Burn-2 Miles, and Walk at Home’s New Year’s Walk Challenge.

Leslie studied engineering briefly at the University of Pittsburg and Youngstown State University but dropped out to work as a full-time fitness instructor. Luck was on her because her career has been a global success, and her Walk at Home label has earned her millions of dollars. Over the years, Leslie has released over a hundred DVDs and four books all about fitness. She mainly focuses on low-impact walking exercises.

Leslie has a YouTube channel that has gathered over 3 million subscribers. She posts instructional videos that also focus on walking exercises. However, the 61-year-old fitness guru has not posted any video on her channel since the beginning of 2020, nor have there been any notable activities on her other social media platforms. Her Walk at Home label is still operating, and many of her followers have many unanswered questions about where she is and the fate of her business.

Leslie is a private person in matters of personal life, and only the basic information about her is available.

Wrapping Up

Marie Ellena Bullano might have followed her mother into managing her booming fitness business, but she still keeps away from the spotlight.

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