James Raul Navarro- Personal Details You May Not Know About Him

James Raul Navarro

James Raul Navarro came into the limelight thanks to his celebrity son Dave Navarro. The celebrity father has managed to keep his life private, unlike his son Dave Navarro, but he is still recognized as the father of the great musician. The exact date of birth of James Navarro is not known, but records have indicated it must be around the 1930s. Here is more information about James Raul Navarro.

James Raul Navarro’s Early Life

In the 1930s, James Raul Navarro was born in the United States. The exact date of his birth is not revealed, nor is there a record of the identity of his parents. The superstar’s father holds an American nationality, and records have indicated he belongs to a mixed ethnic team.

Moreover, James Raul Navarro has ensured his admirers and the public have no access to information such as his profession or career, unlike his son Dave Navarro.

James Raul Navarro’s Romantic Life

According to reports, James Raul was once married to Constance Colleen Hopkins. The exact date of their marriage has remained a mystery, and there are no records of how long the couple dated before deciding to tie the knot. Unfortunately, the beautiful marriage that brought the couple two children had to end.

James Raul and his wife were blessed with two sons, Dave and Gabriel James Navarro. When Dave was only seven, he had to witness his family, whom he adored, get separated. It is not indicated if James Raul married again, but his ex-wife Constance was believed to be in a relationship with John Riccardi.

In 1983, Constance Colleen Hopkins’ death was announced. She died in West Los Angeles, California, United States, and according to a report, she was murdered by her ex-boyfriend John Riccardi.

James Raul Navarro’s Son Dave Navarro

Dave Navarro has built his name as a recognized American musician and singer. The start was born on June 7, 1967, in Santa Monica, California, the United States, to his parents, James Raul Navarro and Constance Colleen Hopkins.

Dave Navarro experienced a tough life when he was growing up, which was attributed to his parent’s separation and the death of his mother. Due to the death of his mother, Dave Navarro was addicted to medications and beverages in his early youth. This led to his suspension from the university, and he could not concentrate on his studies. Dave was undertaking a course in Medicine at the university.

Dave, James Raul Navarro’s son, started his music career 1round 1986 when he joined the band Jane’s Addiction. He was the band’s guitarist from 1993 to 1998, and he traveled to various places worldwide.

In 2001, Dave launched his solo album, marking the start of his music career. Moreover, he visited the US with other musicians like Miiko Watanabe and Dave Kushner, which helped contribute to his growing wealth. Besides being a musician and songwriter, he was featured in TV exhibits.

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