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Jaiden Fatu

Jaiden Fatu is the son of the famous WWE champion Jonathan Solofa Fatu. Jaiden is estimated to be around 16 years old as of 2022, and he was born in San Francisco, California, USA. Jaiden has come from a Wrestling family since his grandfather was a WWE champion like his father. Jaiden Fatu seems to be attending high school in San Francisco with his sister Jayla Fatu

Jaiden Fatu’s Wrestling Family

As we mentioned, Jaiden Fatu was born in a Wrestling family. His grandfather Rikishi was a great wrestler, earning him a WWE championship. Rikishi also had two sons who joined him in wrestling, and both did well, becoming champions like their father, Rikishi.

Jaiden’s father is a great wrestler, while his stepmother has connections with the WWE company. If you are a wrestling fan, you have heard names like Jey Uso and Sefa Fatu. From the long history of being born into a wrestling family, it is early to tell what path Jaiden is likely to take, but he will probably join wrestling like his grandfather and father.

Additionally, Jaiden Fatu enjoys fame contributed by being a member of the Anao’i family. The family consists of professional wrestlers who have been in wrestling for a long time and have been followed by huge fans over the years.

Jaiden Fatu’s Sister

Jaiden Fatu’s sister is called Jayla Fatu, born on May 29, 2008. Jaiden and his sister live with their stepmother, Trinity Fatu, also called Naomi, in San Francisco, California. There is little known about Jaiden’s mother because she has remained a misery, and no information about her has been shared with the public.

Jaiden Fatu’s Father

Solofa Fatu is the father of Jaiden Fatu, and he is a Samoan wrestler in America. Jaiden’s father was born on October 11, 1965, in San Franciso, California, where he has been living. Jaiden Fatu’s father is a recognized WWE champion who started wrestling in 1985. Later through the World Wrestling Council, he created The Samoan Swat Team with his cousin.

Unfortunately, Fatu’s cousin had to depart due to injuries, which made Fatu go as a solo wrestler in the independent circuit. Later, Solofa Fatu returned to WWE, where he got many people’s recognition after becoming an international champion. Moreover, Solofa Fatu was a two-time World Tag Team Champion and a one-time WWE Tag Team champion.

Jaiden’s father is a member of the Anoa’i family and was born in a family of five siblings. Jaiden’s father has a twin brother called Sam Fatu, but it seems Sam is not into wrestling.

The net worth of Solofa Fatu is estimated to amount to $2 million. The acting career he began in 1985 has greatly contributed to his wealth. It is not certain if the great wrestler is still wrestling, but currently, he resides in Poinciana, Florida. The wrestler enjoys a luxurious life with his wife, Trinity, and children.

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