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Jack Steven Dunham

The renowned American actor, stand-up comedian, and ventriloquist Jeffrey Douglas Dunham’s celebrity child is named Jack Steven Dunham. Additionally, he has made several television appearances, including those on The Tonight Show, The Late Show with David Letterman, Comedy Central Presents, and Sonny with a Chance. Here, in this article, we will be discussing the famous celebrity kid.

Early life

On October 11th, 2015, Jack Steven Dunham was born. Jeff Douglas Dunham, the father of Jack Steven Dunham, was born on April 18, 1962. Dallas, Texas, was his home city throughout his childhood. He was adopted by Howard Dunham, a real estate appraiser, and his homemaker wife, Joyce, when he was three months old. They brought him up as their only child in a strict Presbyterian family in a wealthy Dallas neighbourhood.


The parents of Jack Steven Dunham are Audrey and Jeffrey Douglas Dunham. Jack Steven and James Jeffrey, their identical twin boys, were born in Los Angeles. Jack’s father was previously married to someone else before becoming a parent with Audrey. In West Palm Beach, Florida, at the Comedy Corner, Dunham met his first wife, Paige Brown. In December 1992, they started dating. Dunham and Brown adopted Bree, her one-and-a-half-year-old daughter, and got married in May of 1994. Ashlyn and Kenna, their children, were born in 1995 and 1997, respectively.

The marriage suffered because of Dunham’s time away for performances, and he filed for divorce in November 2008. Audrey Murdick, a licenced nutritionist, personal trainer, and competitive bodybuilder, and Dunham began dating in the middle of 2009. On December 25, 2011, the two got engaged. The pair exchanged vows on October 12, 2012. Dunham and Audrey revealed their pregnancy with twin sons on May 14, 2015, through Facebook. She gave birth to James Jeffrey and Jack Steven in October.


Jack Steven Dunham is a seven-year-old adorable boy. As a result, the internet contains relatively little information about him. The spotlight will always be on Jack Dunham since he is the famous American actor and stand-up comedian Jeffrey Douglas Dunham’s son. In 1985, Jack’s father was given a chance when he was invited to replace a departing variety act in the Broadway production of Sugar Babies, starring Mickey Rooney and Ann Miller. His first encounter with the egos of the entertainment industry came when Rooney took Dunham into his dressing room and told him he was there just so that Rooney could change his outfits.

Dunham was a naive and devoutly raised woman, and Broadway was a new world filled with gorgeous showgirls and gruff stagehands. On Long Island, he had a performance at the Westbury Music Fair. He learned the significance of adapting his act to local audiences from these early experiences, when he employed characters like José Jalapeno on a Stick. The audiences in Long Island did not respond as well to his jalapeno gags as they did in Texas. He kept developing his act at comedy clubs in the Southwest after earning his degree from Baylor University in 1986, adding additional characters, including Peanut and José Jalapeno, but he had to overcome the misconception among other comedians that he was not a genuine comic since he relied on props.


Although Jack Steven Dunham is still a child, it is anticipated that as he grows older, he will resemble his father, Jeffrey Douglas Dunham. He may achieve the same level of fame and notoriety as his father.

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