Who is Eamonn Lorcan Charles Welliver?

Eamonn Lorcan Charles Welliver

Eamonn Lorcan Charles Welliver is an upcoming actor who has started making his name known. Eamon is the son of Joanna Heimbold and Titus Welliver, and he was born on May 20, 1999, making him twenty-two years.

Eamonn’s father is a star in the acting industry, and it is not surprising that his son joined his path and started acting at a young age. Moreover, Eamonn’s brother has also acted before, and he is not the first in the family to act.

Eamonn Lorcan Charles’ Siblings

Eamonn is the firstborn in his family and is blessed with two siblings, a brother, and a sister. Quinn Welliver is the eldest sibling and was born in 2002. Eamonn also has a sister called Cora McBride Walling Welliver, born in 2006.

Eamonn’s siblings have been in the acting industry, playing some roles in the Bosch series. Eamonn’s brother Quinn Welliver was featured in the Bosch original series, where he played a younger version of his dad in the first four episodes.

Eamonn’s Career

It is not accurate how long the twenty-two-year-old young man has been acting, but he has previously trained as a musician. In 2019, Eamonn worked on music for an author’s book trailer. The trailer music titled “Mocking Pig” was one of his first compositions and was a success.

In a press release, it was indicated that Eamonn started playing guitar when he was in third grade. During that time, the ambitious young man started making his music under God and Her Pistol.

The period Eamonn Welliver was in third grade was when he started writing his songs, but he started pursuing music in 2019.

Is Bosch a Family Affair?

Eamonn Welliver’s father called him “LAPD Officer Harry Bosch” in one of the photos that he recently posted the son in front of the camera. The statement confused his fans, wondering if he would play a younger version of his dad in the series.

Eamonn Welliver is not the first child of Titus Welliver to act. In the Bosch series, Eamonn;’s brother played the role of the younger version of his father. Moreover, the proud father also mentioned that his daughter Cora was in the show.

It looks too suspicious that all the actors’ children have been featured in the series. Still, the actor indicated that the opportunities for his children to be featured in the show presented themselves. The star actor stated that he has never encouraged or discouraged any of his children from playing the roles.

Moreover, Titus Weliver indicated that he wanted his children to remain kids, but now they are grownups and can make their own decisions. Eamonn Welliver’s sister Cora changed her mind a few times before she decided to take the Cora role in the Everyone Counts episode.

Titus Welliver indicated that all his children have grown up in the film, and they were comfortable with them for the most part. The star actor has told his children they are on their own and must work hard for everything.

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