Drake Connor Allen – All Personal Information About Him You May Not Know

Drake Connor Allen

Drake Connor Allen is the son of Lauren Hunter, a fitness model, and the NFL legend Marcus Allen. Marcus Allen gave birth to his son Drake Connor Allen while he was 53 years old, and he was happy to welcome his son with his fiancée Lauren. Marcus Allen would not hide his joy from his fans after welcoming his first child. Here is more information we gathered about Drake Connor Allen.

Drake Connor Allen’s Parents

Drake Connor Allen’s parents are both recognized figures with a huge following. Drake’s mother is Lauren Hunter, a recognized fitness model that has dominated the modeling industry. On the other hand, Drake’s father is called Marcus, an NFL legend who has gained many fans’ hearts.

According to trusted sources, Drake Connor Allen’s parents met on MySpce several years before Drake’s birth and decided to give dating a chance. Nobody knew they would make such progress in life and become a thing that led to the birth of their handsome son Drake.

Previously, Drake’s mother was married and had two children from his previous relationship making the hot model have three children. On the other hand, the birth of Drake Connor was Marcus Allen’s greatest joy of becoming a father for the first time.

Drake Connor Allen’s Father

Marcus Allen is Drake Allen’s father, born on march 26, 1960, in San Diego, California. The father of Drake is a famous American football running back and analyst who started as an actor.

Marcus Allen played for the National Football League with the Los Angeles Raiders for sixteen seasons. He was one of the famous stars in the NFL, making him selected 10th overall by his team, the Raiders, in the 1982 NFL Draft because of his successful football career at the university.

Drake Connor Allen’s father started his football career at Abraham Lincoln High School. He led his team into victory in high school before joining the University of Southern California and continuing his career.

Personal Life of Drake Connor Allen’s Father

Allen was married to Kathryn Edwards in 1993 after they engaged in 1986. Kathryn was later aware of Drake’s father’s womanizing behavior, which led to their divorce in 2001. It is unclear if Drake’s father married later, but he met his fiancée Lauren Hunter and gave birth to their son Darke Connor Allen in 2014.

The Net worth of Marcus Allen is estimated to be around $4 million, and his acting and football career have contributed to it.

Drake Connor Allen’s Mother

Lauren Hunter is the mother of Drake Connor Allen, and she is a famous fitness model. Lauren Hunter has been involved in several controversies, despite trying to keep her life away from the public eye. Lauren, who has been named one of the hottest models, had an affair with Marcus Allen, leading to Drake Connor’s birth. Drake Connor Allen is not the only child of Lauren Hunter.

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