All Details About Clifford Hardwick III, Omari Hardwick’s Father

Clifford Hardwick III

Dr. Clifford Hardwick III is the father of actor Omari Hardwick. Clifford Hardwick was born on September 4, 1927, to Clifford Jr and Rosa Woodson Hardwick. Dr. Clifford stood out as one of the dedicated people who built their careers from scratch. Clifford was a knowledgeable person, and he taught at all levels, from elementary to college, to transfer his knowledge. Let’s discover more facts about Clifford Hardwick III.

The career of Clifford Hardwick

Clifford Hardwick III was dedicated to learning, enabling him to build his career as a teacher. Clifford taught elementary, secondary, and college levels because his well-established career saw him getting promotions to high positions.

Clifford Hardwick also served as the chairman of the biology department of Alfred Beach High School for nine years. After that position, he was promoted to the supervisor of Secondary Education

Dr. Clifford Hardwick II was the first person from his race to hold the position and was the highest ranking African American in the public school system. At the University of Georgia, Clifford served as a tenured professor and Assistant Dean of the Coastal Georgia Center for Continuing Education.

Due to his established name as a professional figure, he held membership in numerous professional, religious, and fraternal organizations. Clifford received many awards and citations for his education and civic involvement services.

Clifford Hardwick has been listed among the world’s outstanding personalities. Clifford was a holder of an honorary Doctor of Law Degree from Morris Brown College.

In 1987, Clifford Hardwick was appointed to the Savannah City Council. Clifford served the 5thDistrict for 15 years. Clifford was honored by the city of Savannah and Chatham County on October 24, 1982, proclaimed “Clifford Hardwick Day.”

Clifford Hardwick III’s Son

Omari Hardwick is the son of the famous general Clifford Hardwick. Clifford’s son was born in Savannah, Georgia, and grew up receiving the best education. Omari’s father was supportive and allowed him to exploit his talent while studying.

Clifford’s son loved sports, and this motivated him to join sports. He got a football scholarship to the University of Georgia, and after high school, he engaged in football, hoping to be picked in the NFL Draft. When he was not chosen, he returned to acting.

Clifford Hardwick’s son struggled as an actor, and he had to do odd jobs to pay for his acting classes. After working for a while, he got the breakthrough in the 2004 Tv movie Sucker Free City. Omari Hardwick is popularly recognized for his role as James’s “Ghost” St. Patrick on the Starz drama Power.

Besides Clifford Hardwick’s son shining in the acting industry, he indicated that the best role he has ever played in his life is becoming a father. Omari was brought up in a happy family, which has motivated him to follow the same steps in raising his children.

Clifford Hardwick III’s Death

Clifford Hardwick II died at 91 on November 18, 2018. He died in Atlanta, Georgia.

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