Everything You need to Know About Cass Mapother, Tom Cruises’ Sister

Cass Mapother

You may know her as the Scientologist who owns Cass’s Café. It is a restaurant in New Jersey. Cass Mapother is also one of the sisters of the prominent Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise. Some of his most iconic roles in Hollywood include Top GunThe Rain Man, and Mission Impossible. Continue reading to learn the unsaid juicy facts about the celebrity’s sister, Cass Mapother.

Personal Information

Cass Mapother has a husband to whom she is married happily. The couple tied the knot after dating for a long time. Her husband is Greg Capazorio, also recognized as the Criminon International president. During the wedding ceremony, Cass and Greg invited about 50 guests.

Whether Cass and Greg have a child remains unknown. They keep their married life out of the limelight. Even when she interacts with the media, Cass remains quiet when questions about their personal life arise. Regardless, it is evident that she comes from a blissful marriage.

Cass Mapother is an incredibly supportive significant other to her partner. She holds her husband’s life through thick and thin. The two have been married for decades, and so far, there haven’t been any controversies or rumors regarding their divorce. Cass leads a posh life in a deluxe Scientology condo with the rest of her family, including brothers and sisters.

As stated earlier, Cass has a brother, Thomas Mapother IV, AKA Tom Cruise. In addition, she has two other siblings, Lee Ann Mapother and Marian Mapother. Like their sister, they are all enthusiastic Scientologists. Cass is an operating director of a Scientology program.

Cass, Tom Cruise, and Lee Anne have one of the closest sibling relationships. Since they were children, the three sisters were always protective of their brother. He had dyslexia, which resulted in Tom being mocked by his peers.

Life and Career

Like everyone else with the Mapother name, Cass is a Scientologist. She is the working directory of a Scientologist course. The program is a Scientologist-associated educational establishment. Similarly, as president, her husband has a notable role in another Scientology organization, Criminon International. In addition, Cass owns a restaurant known as Cass’s Café in New Jersey.

The Criminon establishment follows the teachings and principles of L. Ron Hubbard. One of its devious groups imparts the message to prisoners in prisons. Similarly, the organization registered Tom Cruise as one of its Platinum Commendable donors. His donations amounted to 2.5 million dollars and were directed to the establishment’s membership entity.

Cass Mapother’s Net Worth

The only information known to be public about Cass’s income is that she runs the restaurant. The rest of her personal and employment details remain unrevealed. For the time being, her brother, Tom, remains a renowned and talented professional in the entertainment industry. He is an award-winning actor, producer, writer, and philanthropist.

While we may not know the specific net worth of Cass Mapother, we know that he has an incredibly successful brother. Tom Cruise’s Net worth as of now is $600 million.

Final Thoughts

Cass Mapother is a successful married woman who comes from a well-off family. She keeps most of her personal life behind the tabloids. As a result, little to no personal information remains known.

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