Birdie Thwaites, Personal Life and Net Worth

Birdie Thwaites

Birdie Thwaites is a celebrity kid who is popular for being the daughter of a famous Australian artist couple. We will talk about Birdie Thwaites and her parents in detail today.

Just read the article and learn all the information about Birdie Thwaites, her personal life, her parents, and all other details.

Personal life

Birdie Thwaites is the six-year-old daughter of Brenton Thwaites and Chloe Pacey. Her DOB and birthplace are not known. All we know about her birth is that she was born in 2016. She holds Australian nationality and follows the religion of her parents. If you talk about her love life, the little girl is too young to get involved in any romantic relationship. Given the fact, she is not in any kind of romantic relationship, as of now. Right now, she is enjoying his childhood to the fullest.

Parents and siblings

Birdie Thwaites is the lovely daughter of Brenton Thwaites and Chloe Pacey. Both of her parents are artists by profession. Her father is a well-known Australian actor, while her mother is a painter and an internet star.

Coming to her siblings, the little girl has two siblings to play with. She is probably the eldest daughter of Brenton Thwaites and Chloe Pacey. The name of her younger sister is Pippa Thwaites, while the Identity of her youngest sibling is still not disclosed to the public.


This is a no-brainer that a six-year-old little girl can’t have any kids.

Work and education

Considering the age of Birdie Thwaites, we can say that she must have started going to school. She must be in her primary classes. However, there is not any confirmed information available about the education of Birdie. Her parents prefer to keep their kids away from the limelight of the media. Given the fact, finding information about her personal life is not that much easy. As for her profession, obviously, she is too young to start a career right now.

Reason for the popularity of Birdie Thwaites

Of course, the main reason for the popularity of Birdie Thwaites is her parents, especially her father, who is a household name in Australian cinema. Birdie Thwaites seems to share a very special bonding with her father because we often see the duo of father and daughter together whether it is on social media or in real life.

Net worth of Birdie Thwaites

Today, Birdie Thwaites is just a 6-year-old kid. This is the age to enjoy childhood, not to earn money. Right? This is the reason that Birdie Thwaites has no net worth as of now. However, she leads a life that is not possible for normal people. All thanks to the successful acting career of her father, who has managed to churn out a huge amount of around 8 million as of 2022.


Getting popular at a tender age is not practically possible for everyone. It’s only the celebrity kids who have this privilege and Birdie Thwaites is one of them. Let’s see how she uses this popularity to build her career.

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