Vital Things to Know About Arnold Federic Hartman

Arnold Federic Hartman

The exceptional American entrepreneur who fathered the incredibly talented Angelica Maria is Arnold Federic Hartman. Everyone already recognizes Angelica Maria as an eminent personality. She is a prominent actress, singer, and songwriter. Her mother is Angelica de Jesus Ortiz Sandoval. Maria’s mother is a theatre producer.

Most people want to know even more about the talented singer’s origins. So, if you are curious about Angelica’s dad, Arnold Federic Hartman, it is the ideal piece to check out. We will convey all the vital information about him to you.

Early Life

Arnold Federic Hartman and Angelica de Jesus were married. One of the fruits of their marriage was Angelica Maria. However, the investor’s and theater producers’ marriage did not last long before they divorced. The couple broke the marital affair off when their daughter was only five years old. After the separation, Angelica de Jesus Ortiz Sandoval relocated to Mexico City with her daughter.

Arnold Federic Hartman’s daughter, Angelica Maria

Angelica Maria found her way into the Mexican Cinema field when a movie producer called Gregorio Wallerstein searched for a young male to the case as a character for his next movie, which also had De Jesus Ortiz’s sister, Yolanda Ortiz.

According to internet sources, Angelica convinced the producer that she could be the boy he was looking for if they just gave her a haircut. The girl’s charming and delightful attitude got the producer’s attention, who later allowed the little girl to audition for the named role. After that, Angelica worked on other Mexican theater productions such as PecadoUna Mujer DecenteLa Hija De La OtraLos Amentes and Fierecilla. The first fotonovela featured Angelica Maria Rayito Del Sol. At only six years old, the singer won her first award for her role in Esposa la Otra. According to reports, an iconic celebrity named Pedro Infante saw the potential in Maria as a child and told her she would grow into a great actress because she spoke with her eyes. Pedro was not wrong.

After starring in a few telenovelas and musicals as a teenager, she approached her mother. The latter was also her manager and inquired for help connecting her with Armando Manzanero. The collaboration was incredibly successful and became Angelica Maria’s supreme musical achievement. The singer/songwriter has created many albums recently, with Your Love through Universal Music.

Federic Hartman’s Married Life

Arnold Federic Hartman got hitched to Angelica de Jesus Ortiz Sandoval, a theater producer. Their marriage lasted for a long time. During the marital affair, the couple sired Angelica Maria.

Arnold Federic Hartman’s Net Worth

Arnold Federic Hartman revealed little to no information about his personal and professional life. So, we do not know anything about his work. Consequently, details of his net worth remain unknown. In the meantime, his daughter, Angelica Maria, as we know her, is a successful singer/ songwriter and actress. Her net worth is roughly ten million dollars.

Final Thoughts

Arnold Federic Hartman is an incredibly private person. Thus, the information provided above fully describes everything known about him.

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